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Proudly we hailed: 15 patriotic quotations for America’s birthday

America celebrates its 239th birthday on the Fourth of July. Many of us will mark the day with flags and fireworks, at picnics and parades. It's a wonderful time to share our love of America with friends and family...

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12 water-saving tips for summer

Severe drought will cost California $2.7 billion in revenue and more than 18,600 jobs this year, by one account. But its effects will be felt by most of us in the form of higher food prices, considering that California...

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Grin but don’t bare it: cover up with sunscreen to prevent skin cancer

It was good advice in 1997 and remains so today. Nearly two decades ago, Chicago Tribune columnist Mary Schmich wrote an essay in the form of a commencement address to the Class of 1997. Titled "Advice, like youth,...

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